Susie is a regular Every-person, just like you and me.  She knew just enough to find herself underwater from using paid advertising in the past.  Sound familiar?  Susie said she had a crack-the-code moment recently from using EverWebinar’s automated webinars, and she shares it in this must-see interview.

First, a little background.  We learned about Susie from a post she made on our Facebook member’s group



Here’s a link to her original post.  If you can’t see it, be sure to request to be a member!

And immediately the community responded with positive feedback.  We love how supportive our members are!


This is why we love sharing success stories in the group.  It encourages more sharing and positivity- and hearing about getting three sales while Christmas shopping just highlights how freeing automated webinars can be.  Susie experienced it as well…



Susie teaches entrepreneurs who do home party sales (things like Tupperware, Avon and Partylite candles) how to get more people to come to their home parties.  She’s been working hard at her business for years- grinding- until she had this moment.  You’ll hear about this and more in this video interview.

In this interview, you’ll see Susie Nelson, Mike Filsaime and Donna Fox discuss using EverWebinar business automation

4:35   The start of her first EverWebinar- Why 80% done is good enough

10:10 Analytics from the first webinar

13:30 Facebook promotion results- her ROI

19:45  “The moment” – you’ve gotta see this!

21:00  Why automated webinars are superior to an old school funnel

26:00  Susie talks about her prior experience with paid advertising

27:30   How to do a promoted FB post

No way you can watch this interview and not be struck by Susie’s infectious enthusiasm.

If she inspired you to use a Facebook promoted post for your automated webinars, we’ve gathered some helpful links

If you’d like to see the automated webinar that started it all, you can watch Susie’s webinar here.  Maybe Susan will be moderating it live. Or maybe, she’ll be spending more time enjoying life while automation does the work for her!














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