Control Deskto

You can access other people’s computers (with their permission, of course) to see their programs with the Remote Desktop app.

You could use this feature to help someone use software on their computer, provide technical support, and even collaborate.

Here’s how to enable the Remote Desktop app:

  1. Hover over the left side of the WebinarJam window, and a bar with various app icons will appear.
  2. Click on the icon at the bottom of the screen with the three dots. This will reveal a slider that gives you the option to “+ Add Apps”
  3. Remote Desktop is a featured app; click it to add it to your JamSession.

Then to use Remote Desktop:

  1. Hover over the left side of the WebinarJam window, and a bar with various app icons will appear.
  2. Click the Remote Desktop app icon.
  3. Choose which co-presenter’s screen you’d like to control.
  4. They will get a notification asking whether to allow remote access, and must click ‘Accept’ before you can remotely access that person’s desktop.
  5. Now, you can control their computer and do anything they can do including open programs, click on links, and type.

You can stop using the remote desktop app by clicking the Remote Desktop icon on the left sidebar again, or the END button at the top.

Be aware that controlling another person’s screen is VERY bandwidth intensive. This means the video quality may not be good, so this is not recommended for webinars with large viewing audiences. Also, be aware that for the JamSession recording to include the screenshare, the thumbnail of the presented screen must be fixed with a blue line (not the screen of the person controlling remotely).

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