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WebinarJam is an encoder to YouTube.  While we’d love to have total control over YouTube and make all our lives easier, we sadly don’t. This means, on occasion, YouTube will still try to make your webinar public. Following these steps will help keep your webinar private.



Set up Your Replay

The most important thing is setting your WebinarJam Replay to private in the replay tab.


NOTE: Even if you don’t want to offer a replay after the event, be sure to set it up this way before the webinar.  You can always go back when the webinar is over and change this setting or set the replay to expire in 1 hour.

When setting up your webinar, go to the replay tab and:

  1. Choose “Enable”(Marked #1 Below)
  2. Choose “Private” (Marked #2 Below)

This will convert the video to “unlisted” on YouTube. Now, only someone with a direct link to the video or your replay page will be able to view the video. 


YouTube Settings

Changing your YouTube Live Streaming Channel

Setting up your Live Streaming on your channel with some default settings helps reduce the stress and worry of forgetting to change the settings during the webinar. We will cover those steps now.

First, go to YouTube.com/live_dashboard

  1. Confirm you are on Live Streaming / Stream Now (Marked #1)
  2. Scroll down (Marked #2 Below)
  3. Change the Privacy setting to “Unlisted” from the dropdown.  (Marked #3 Below)
  4. Click “Advanced Settings” (Marked #4 Below)

This means that every Live streaming you do will be unlisted. But you can change it as necessary.

  • Be sure you are on “Advanced Settings” (Marked #1 Below)
  • Uncheck both boxes under “Promotions” (Marked #2 Below)
  • Confirm that Embedding is checked (marked #3 Below)

Read Troubleshooting Embed Settings if your Embedding is not allowed.


Why “Unlisted” instead of “Private”?

NOTE: If the YouTube listing is “private” instead of “unlisted”, your WebinarJam replay links will not work.  Similarly, if you choose not to make a replay available, then your video will be saved in YouTube as public.  

Better to make it available, choose private, then immediately after your webinar, edit the webinar to make the replay unavailable.  That way the recording stays unlisted in your YouTube account.

What does “Unlisted” mean?

From YouTube:

“The video will not appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces, such as search results, your channel, or the Browse page, but the link can be shared with anyone.”



The following mostly applies to Webinars with Hangouts On Air as the Webinar Provider

Changing Settings Before Going Live

We’d love for WebinarJam’s privacy settings to be “set it and forget it” and are working on a solution to that end. However, Google and YouTube override our settings. While the following steps may not be necessary, in the spirit of “better safe than sorry” we advise you check before you press “Start Broadcast” for every webinar you do.

Hangouts On Air

With Hangouts on Air, the privacy settings WILL revert to promoting your video live to anyone who may be subscribed to your YouTube channel. so you need to do the following.



During Your Webinar

After you have created your Webinar Room, you can confirm or change your YouTube privacy. Get the YouTube URL for your webinar in order to change it. It’s very easy once you know where to find it.

NOTE: Unfortunately YouTube may try to email your subscribers, so doing a quick check and reminding YouTube to not email your subscribers is a must.

  1. At the bottom right of your screen, just left of the WebinarJam sidebar, is the word “Links” (Marked #1 Below)
  2. Click on it… and copy the URL for your YouTube Page. (Marked #2 Below)

At YouTube

Paste that URL into a new tab.

  1. Confirm you are using YouTube in the same channel as is being used in your webinar (Marked # 1 Below)
    1. If you need to change it go to the far right, where it says “Want to switch accounts?” and change accounts. Or sign in if necessary.
  2. If you are on the correct channel, you should see a pencil below your video (Marked #2 Below)


Basic Settings

You will be taken to the “Basic Settings” for your Video.

  1. Confirm your video is Unlisted, or change as necessary (Marked #1 Below)
    • If you’ve already changed your channel settings, this should be unlisted
  2. Go to “Advanced Settings”(Marked #2 Below)


Advanced Settings

Unfortunately, YouTube may turn this back on. If you want to make certain your webinar is as private as possible, check these settings regularly.

  1. Under the “Advanced Settings” (Marked #1 Below)
  2. Make certain BOTH promote boxes are off.  (Marked #2 Below) For this test webinar, the “Promote on my Channel” was unchecked… which was good, but the “Promote through Featured Content” was on.  So make certain both boxes are unchecked for your privacy.
  3. While you are here, confirm that “Embed” IS checked. (Marked #3 Below)



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