The time delay is something that comes from WebinarJam’s integration with Google. That’s the way Google Hangouts works: they basically record and transform your live broadcast signal into a streaming video, which is what your webinar attendees receive. That process takes a few seconds and that’s the delay you’re referring to. 

However, please note that your attendees do NOT notice the delay because, for them, the signal appears in real time. You just need to remember that the questions you receive in the chatbox refer to what you screened a few seconds ago. Similarly when you push content to their page, like a call to action button, they may see it in real time, but not hear you talk about it for a few seconds. As long as you keep that in mind, it’s very easy to get used to the delay and to overcome it.  

And finally, as Google keeps optimizing their service, the delay is shortened week after week. Not long ago, the average delay was 60 seconds, whereas now it’s 35 seconds. My guess is that it wont take long until Google manages to bring it down to only 10 seconds or so.

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