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When setting up a series of webinars, remember that WebinarJam treats the ‘Add Another Session’ feature as another showing of the same content. Think of it it like your webinar is a movie and these are the showtimes.


If you do a series of webinars, that’s going to be different content, so it’s a new webinar entirely.

WebinarJam wasn’t designed with trainings in mind, but we are in development on a way to group events under one registration. But, until that happens, there are a few steps to take to create a series of events.

You can use the clone feature, and change the name, date, and republish that webinar:

Then, change the date, time, and topic to the next session in your series. Even though the clone feature clones your entire webinar, you will need to save every step again at this point. Then, publish the cloned webinar.

Our system treats every webinar as an independent event, and therefore each webinar has its own independent registrant database, schedule, etc, which is good for analytics.

Unfortunately, it also means that users must register for each webinar independently, which is a bit of a burden. There are two suggestions for creating a single registration option:

1) Have your registrants register for the first webinar, then auto-subscribe your registrants for the first webinar into your autoresponder, which can be done via the ‘Integrations’ tab of the configuration dashboard. Then, for the following webinars, simply email your list the generic link to the live room, which will give them direct access to the webinar. They will simply need to sign in with their name and password, which actually registers them to your webinar. This is a good method to use if you’re doing a weekly training where each training might have its own email without handouts, for example.

2) This is a slightly more advanced option (webmaster required). Have your webmaster create a registration page with the name and email fields to pass through to a thank you page for the series of webinars on your own website. On the thank you page, there are buttons to each event that will register the person to the webinar when they log in to the live session. This is a great strategy for multiple session days (like a weekend event) where the entire series would have the same notifications before and after the event.

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