Paid Webinar Paypal

With WebinarJam, you can charge attendees for your webinars. This is a tutorial on setting up a paid webinar using PayPal, but ay other merchant processor you choose will have a similar process.

First, in the ‘New Webinar’ setup, click the ‘Paid Registration’ tab, then the ‘Pay to Register’ option.


This brings up the image you see above with these links filled in. Choose your currency symbol and then fill in the amount you’ll be charging for the webinar.

Next, go to your PayPal account (or other provider) to set up the product.  In PayPal, choose ‘Merchant Services’ (you’ll need a business account).



Then, click either the box to ‘Create Payment Buttons,’ or the ‘My Saved Buttons’ link.  At the time of writing this article, when I tried clicking the ‘Create Payment Buttons,’ I received a PayPal error, but the saved button link option took me where I needed to go…


…but I had to perform one additional click here…



…before I got to the screen where I could create a new product.  While you can fill out the whole form in Step One, only the highlighted areas are required.



Be sure to select if you want to use your merchant ID or email address for your communications with your customer (red arrows above).

You are welcome to fill out Step 2 if you’d like, but nothing in there is needed. Move on to Step 3 and be sure to fill in these links.



Then click the ‘Create Button’ button.


And, on the next screen, ignore the code and choose the ‘Email’ tab.



Then, copy this link, and place it in your WebinarJam interface (see the screenshot at the top).


Now, when someone visits your WebinarJam registration page, they get redirected to PayPal to make the purchase. Then, after the purchase, they are redirected back to the WebinarJam interface to complete their registration, which is where they are able to enter their name and email to register for your webinar.

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