How Do I Start A Webinar

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start your webinar. Although it looks like a lot, after you do it a few times, all the steps take less than a minute to go through.

To begin your webinar, step 1 should always be to head to and logout using the drop down in the upper right corner. (Don’t skip this step.)

Log into your WebinarJam account. Next, go to “My Webinars,” locate your webinar, and click the “Get your links” button.


This will open up a list of available links. Chose the one called superadmin. Copy the link…



…and paste it into your browser window. For best results, use Google Chrome. But, because browser configurations can vary, if something doesn’t work in Chrome, it might work in Firefox or Internet Explorer.


You will be taken to a page that looks like this.



The only thing to do here is to take note of the webinar creator’s email. This is your superadmin email address, and it MUST be the Google account you log into to run your webinar. Click “Next.”


The next page looks like this.



Just click to activate, then click “Next.”


Your next page looks like this.



Despite what the page says, I recommend you always click the button for “I’m afraid so… I’ve never Jammed….” It gives you an additional option in the next step, which you probably won’t need if you’ve done a webinar before. But, best to have the option in the event you do need it! (More on that later…)


Here’s your next screen.



There’s a video on the right that describes all your next steps. But, we’ll cover all of them in this walk-through anyway.


Click on the link that says “Google Plus Account.” It will open a new tab on your browser and bring you to this page.



Click the button that says “Start a Hangout On Air.” Don’t worry…this is the same hangout that you created in WebinarJam. Google just requires the actual room be created manually. We’ll send all of your co-presenters and customers for the webinar to that room after you log in.


And then you’ll be asked to log in.


This is VERY important. Login with the same email address you used for your superadmin.


(Not pictured: Login screen where you choose an account and enter your password.)


After login, you’re brought back to the same screen you see above. Click to “Start a Hangout On Air” again.


It brings up a pop up window that looks like this.



There are three things to do on this page (ignore the rest of the options):


1. Give it a name. This will appear at the top of your hangout and be the video name in your YouTube account.


2. Choose your audience. The default “Public” means anyone in the world will be able to see your Hangout on Air. Since WebinarJam handles all of your registrations and co-presenters, we recommend that you remove the public group (by clicking the X) and adding either just your own email address or a circle with zero people in it.


3. Click share.


Then, G+ will create your hangout event, which just takes a moment or two. When it’s done, it will look like this:



See those three little icons, the Q&A, yellow tabs, and clapping hands? You want to make sure all of these are turned off. When off, they will be slightly faded like the Q&A one is. To turn them off, just click and wait a moment until the “turning off app” message leaves. Then click the “Start” button to start your webinar.


The next step (blow) can be skipped. (Remember, WebinarJam handles all of the co-presenter and attendee invitations.)



And then your webinar room will load, and it will look like this.



Now that you’re in the room, it’s time to tell WebinarJam to send your co-presenters and your attendees to that room when they sign on. To do so, click the WebinarJam icon on the left. (If you don’t have the icon, I’ll get to that in a moment.)


Once you click the icon, your WebinarJam sidebar will appear on the right…



…and you’re ready to start your webinar! Now your co-presenters will be redirected to this room if they had already logged into hangouts. This is the hangout room that will be shown to your attendees. I recommend clicking the “Detach Sidebar” link at the top of the right sidebar (it just makes managing the webinar a little easier). Click “Start Broadcast” and you’re ready to go!


Now, what if the WebinarJam icon isn’t on the left? Well remember when I said to click on the “I’m afraid so…” option, even if you have already done a webinar?  It’s because sometimes clearing cookies or making changes to your browser can cause the WebinarJam icon to not appear. So, if this is your first time using WebinarJam, or the icon doesn’t appear on the left, you want to grab the url from the top of your hangout…



…then find your browser tab with your WebinarJam instructions still open. Paste the URL here…



…and click “Sync.”


This will open up a NEW hangout, and that’s okay, just go with it.


You’ll see this message. Check the box, then click “Okay, got it!”



Then you’ll see this message:



Click “Join.”


And finally, you’ll get this message:



Click “End the other call.”



Your WebinarJam room will be opened, with the sidebar, and you’re ready to start your webinar.

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