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Sometimes a Webinar Jam that was supposed to be private becomes public. Or maybe, you just want to hide the webinar you just completed. No worries.

This will help you turn the public webinar into a private one.

Hide it on YouTube

Hide it on YouTube

You need to go to YouTube and hide your webinar.

Go to your Your Video Manager.

You can do that by going to  http://youtube.com/my_videos.


Next click “Info and Settings” on the video you want to change.


Change the Basic Info from Public to Unlisted

Note:   Anyone with the link can still view the video.  And people can share it.

If you make the video Private, then it can only be seen by you and the YouTube users you select. Which means can make it difficult to share with your clients.

If you want to make the video even more private, you will need to add it a membership website, with restricted access.   You can download the video by going back to your Video Manager, select edit on the video you want to download, then select Download MP4.

After this, you can Delete the Video.

WARNING: You Can Not Recover the YouTube Video Once It Is Deleted. 


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