Aweber Autoresponder

Autoresponder integration exists for the sole purpose of getting your attendee from the WebinarJam interface into your regular autoresponder. It’s a simple co-registration process. Here’s how to set it up.

I. How To Create A List


1. Click on ‘Create and Manage Lists.’



2. Click the ‘Create A List’ button.



3. Fill up the fields on the page.


Your Company Name and Website appear at the bottom of all emails. You can enter your
name here as well. This is optional.



Enter a Postal Address as required by the CAN-SPAM Act.



4. Choose the Sender Name and Sender Email for emails to this list.



5. Click the ‘Next Step’ button.



6. Enter a Name and Description for your list.



7. Click the ‘Next Step’ button.



8. Select a Pre-Approved Confirmation Email, or set up your own.



9. Click on ‘Approve Message & Create List’ and you’re done!


II. How To Add A Phone Field To Your Aweber List


1. Make sure that the correct list is selected from the Current List dropdown.



2. Move your mouse over ‘List Options,’ and click on ‘Custom Fields.’



3. Enter a name for your custom field, say, Phone.


4. Click the ‘Save’ button to save the field.



III. How To Create An Opt-in Form


1. Make sure that the correct list is selected from the ‘Current List’ dropdown.



2. Click on the ‘Sign Up Forms’ tab.



3. Click on the ‘Create A Sign Up Form/Create Your First Sign Up Form’ button.



4. Click on the ‘Popular’ option under templates, and then click on the ‘Basic’ template.



5. Click on ‘Load Template’ in the popup that appears.



6. If you want to add a phone field, click the ‘+’ sign next to it.



Then, click the ‘Save’ button on the popup that appears.



7. Click the ‘Go To Step 2’ button.



8. Enter a name for your form and leave all other options as is.



9. Take notice:



10. Click on ‘Save Your Form’ to save the form, or click on ‘Go To Step 3’ to grab the HTML code

for the form.


IV. How To Integrate Aweber with Webinar Jam


1. Edit your webinar, and open the ‘Integrations’ tab.



2. Check the box for ‘Add registrants to my mailing list.’



3. Select Aweber.



4. Go back to Aweber and make sure that the correct list is selected from the ‘Current List’



5. Click on the ‘Sign Up Forms’ tab.



6. Click the ‘Publish’ link for your form.



7. Next, click on ‘I Will Install My Form.’



8. You need the RAW HTML version, so click on that tab.



9. Uncheck the option for ‘Include beautiful form styles.’



10. Copy and paste the code into your WebinarJam settings.



11. If you’re collecting the phone number as well, make sure you enter the name of the phone
field in the textbox. To find that in your code, look for this line:


<input type=”text” id=”awf_field-65047784″ class=”text” name=”custom Phone” value=””  onfocus=” if (this.value == ”) { this.value = ”; }” onblur=”if (this.value == ”) { this.value=”;} ” tabindex=”502″ />


Note this part: name=”custom Phone”
Enter ‘custom Phone’ in the textbox for the Phone field.



Save the module and publish your webinar!


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