Mailchimp Autoresponder

Autoresponder integration exists for the sole purpose of getting your attendee from the WebinarJam interface into your regular autoresponder. It’s a simple co-registration process. Here’s how to set it up.

I. How To Create A List in Mailchimp


1. Login to your MailChimp account.


2. Click on Lists on the left menu.



3. Click the ‘Create List’ button.



4. Select ‘Create List’ when it asks you to choose between New List or Groups.



5. Mailchimp will now ask you for some details about your list.


  • Enter a name for your list.
  • Then, enter the “From” name and email – this would appear as the sender when you send emails to this list.
  • Finally, you may choose to remind subscribers how they got on the list.
  • Once done, click the Save button.
And you’re done!



II. How To Add A Phone Field To Your Form


1. Click on Lists on the left menu.



2. Click on your list name.



3. Click on ‘Signup forms’ in the top menu.



4. Then, choose ‘Embedded forms.’



5. Click on the ‘Naked’ tab and then find and click the form builder link.



6. The form builder is where you choose which fields appear on your form and which fields are required.


Here, click on Phone on the right.



Your changes are automatically saved.



III. How To Integrate MailChimp with Webinar Jam


1-5. Follow the steps in section II 1-5 (section II-6 is optional)


6. Copy the form code provided by MailChimp.



7. Edit your webinar, and open the Integrations tab.


8. Check the box for ‘Add registrants to my mailing list’.



9. Select MailChimp from the dropdown.



10. Paste the form code you copied from MailChimp.



11. If you’re collecting the phone number as well, make sure you enter the name of the phone
field in the textbox. To find that in your code, look for this line:


<label for=”mce-MMERGE3″>Phone Number </label>
<input type=”text” name=”MMERGE3″ class=”” value=”” id=”mce-MMERGE3″>
Note this part:


Enter ‘MMERGE3’ in the textbox for the Phone field.


Save the module and publish your webinar!

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