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Happy Cyber Monday! We have freebies!

Today being one of the biggest online sales days of the year lends a certain poetry to what we have for you. But, discount shmiscount. We’re giving it away fo’ free!

Here at Genesis Digital, MUM is NOT the word. We spilled the beans! We let the cat out of that bag and are giving the game away! Christmas is coming early this year! Out of the dark, into the light….. WE LEAKED IT! Yup. It was us. We admit it. It is just too good to keep under wraps. So many cliches, so little space. But, it’s all true.

With the impending holidays, tis the season of giving. We bring you tidings of great JOY! For you, we offer free access to one of our most prized company possessions, the GD Checkout Best Practices Manual.

Almost 60 pages of juicy, meaty, raw, real life information, data, research, and ACTION points!

Behold the 17 Key Concepts to the BEST PRACTICE for Checkout Page creation. At the bottom of the list, you’ll find the beautiful link that let’s you download the FULL, UNABRIDGED internal Action Plan we are using Right Now!

Key Concepts:

  1. Help Visitors Immediately Identify Purpose of Page
  2. Reduce Overall Confusion. Objectify Offer/Price/Re-billing
  3. Order Summary/Invoice View
  4. Breadcrumbs of the Checkout Process
  5. Enhance Value of Offer by Highlighting Savings
  6. Reduce & Reverse Anxiety about Purchase and Risk
  7. Telegraph Customer Fulfillment
  8. Draw Attention to Security and Privacy
  9. Product Review Score
  10. Social Media Group Proof Widget
  11. Leverage Other Brands and Integration Partners
  12. Direct Source – Authorized Dealer
  13. Offer Scarcity
  14. Humanize The Company
  15. Recency
  16. Value Summary
  1. Quantitative
  2. Qualitative
  1. Support & Contact Options
  2. Accurate Visual Representation of Product/Hero Image
  3. Cart Abandon SOPs
  4. Account Capture
  5. Retargeting

So, grab a cup of coffee or IPA, SMASH the button below to download your copy of our New internal Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Genesis Digital’s Checkout Page Best Practices, and get ready to elevate your conversion rate like you wouldn’t believe.

Yes, it is an investment of your time, but it is both PRICELESS and FREE!

Leaked Genesis Digital Checkout Best Practices

This is the equivalent of the eCommerce Unicorn! Best Practices + Free! Once you’ve had a chance to read through, don’t forget to let us know what you think! Feel empowered to add your own Best Practice tips if you have one we missed.

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