Email Delivery Best Practices to decrease bounce rate.

If you have a business, you send emails. Brick & mortar, online, Saas, info products, telephone orders, doesn’t matter. Everyone uses emails and everyone wants to know the magic trick to ensuring your emails end up in the right place, every time.

We’re lucky…. We have our very own Richelo Killian to advise us on email deliverability. To know him, is to know what an email genius is. But, we also know not everyone has a Richelo. The good news is that he wrote a really great, actionable article to help you reduce your bounce rates. Follow these simple steps, get better email delivery. Period.

Here’s a brief outline of what you’re going to learn:

  • Send content that your subscribers really want (this seems obvious, but it’s actually a giant problem for many people).
  • Ask your subscriber to add your from address to their address book.
  • Never use a “free” from address.
  • Use one from address and from name, and don’t keep changing it!
  • Always test your emails to multiple services before you send to your list.
  • Make sure none of your links are blacklisted.
  • Limit the number of links in your email
  • Clean and lean HTML
  • Both HTML AND Plain Text
  • Double or confirmed opt-in


Read the full article over on the ONLY INFLUENCERS blog and make your emails better immediately!

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