An honest discussion about webinar ad spend, and 4 strategies to ensure you recoup your budget.

NMHPart2image1Hello again all you amazing marketers using webinars! Webinarketers? Markinars? Meh. Anyhoo….

To briefly recap, last time we started the discussion about four strategies you want to use between time of registration and when the webinar begins to ensure your attendees come to your webinar in a “buying frenzy”, making the most of your Monetization efforts and recouping your ad spend. Those strategies are:

  1. Indoctrination ✔
  2. Reasons Why
  3. Surprises
  4. Starting Now

Now that we managed to hit the major Indoctrination points, this brings us to the second strategy, the REASONS WHY communication.

This is typically Day Two of your pre-webinar email campaign and talks about positive, even amazing, outcomes other customers have had once they receive and utilize the benefits being offered during your webinar. This is optimal time to use a CASE STUDY. Yes, case studies are a thing. A major thing. Use them wisely and reap the rewards. Set it up like this:

  1. Start out with the diminished or less than awesome “state” of the user, i.e: 2 pack per day smoker, 50 lbs. overweight, battling insomnia, hoarding, whatever problem your solution can resolve.
  2. Talk about that user’s first effort to cure their pain that resulted in a failed attempt. Let them know they are not alone in their suffering.
  3. Talk about the process the user took to adopt one of your tips, or Technique X.
  4. Deliver the good news. What happened to the user as a direct result of using the benefit to be taught during your webinar.

CaseStudyIdeally, this message is delivered in an email, but lives in a video or blog post that moves the reader out of the email environment to where you house your information. Engage them with your blog or website so they’ll come looking to you for help or resources when they need it. This builds your brand’s awareness and is more likely to be shared with others than a sole email.

The third strategy: SURPRISE!

This is the communication in which you make a surprise important “update” about what new and exciting information you’ll deliver on the webinar. In order to qualify as a true surprise as it pertains to this communication, it must speak to or address your prospects’ KEY PAIN POINT or KEY PLEASURE ENHANCEMENT.

You can begin the email with something like, “I just got a call from a customer asking xyz…”.

Discuss this in regards to that pain point or pleasure enhancement and let your participants know that by attending the webinar, the surprise secret to this will be revealed, giving them the max benefit to be achieved by attending.

Finally, the #4 strategy…. The STARTING NOW communication.

This email is sent 10-15 minutes before the webinar starts and let’s them know that it’s time to get to the computer and get onto the webinar. Even if they’re a little late, no problem. Please believe me, people HATE to feel like they missed something. So, I also suggest sending another email 15 minutes into the broadcast, saying:

“It’s not too late! We’re just getting warmed up, so jump on with us now.”

This gives you a chance to recap any early points you may have made, preemptively address some questions that inevitably show up in the chat, such as Will there be a replay, because someone ALWAYS asks, and facilitates maximum attendance by allowing people to jump on a bit late.

Congratulations! You got ‘em there. Now, you gotta keep ‘em there.

How? Coming Soon: No Schtick Webinar Stick: 2 ways to get people to stick around for your offer so you can Get Da Money, Honey!

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