More females in high level positions means higher profitability

San Diego, November 15, 2016 – It’s no accident that Genesis Digital’s high level management boasts so many female directors, even as the number of women in computers and technology is on the decline.  Women comprise four of the ten D-suite positions at Genesis Digital.

“The numbers don’t lie. Study after study shows that companies with more women in high level positions have higher profitability. This includes ROE, ROS, and ROIC. Not only does it level up our organization in terms of diversity, but has the added benefit of being great business,” stated Gideon Marcus, COO of Genesis Digital.

Read the full article on Yahoo Finance here!

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Jeni Jenkins

News Anchor turned Editor turned Registered Nurse, Jeni has now come full circle and returned to her passion, writing, full time. As the Editor-in-Chief, she brings a unique voice to the marketing arena with her broad experience from years in the Customer Success department, melding her firsthand knowledge of our community needs with the powerful tools that Genesis Digital offers.