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We cover all aspects of any Genesis Digital software: WebinarJam, EverWebinar and Kartra. We answer questions about marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, time management… simply bring your burning questions to the session and we’ll help you find the right answer for you and your business.

Here’s a list of the previous session replays. Each link takes you to the WebinarJam replay interface, so any demonstrations of WebinarJam features can be seen. To fast forward to a timestamp for any of the questions, click on the YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner and you’ll be taken to the YouTube interface in another tab. From there you’ll have full video controls and be able to fast forward to your specific question.


October 4, 2016

05:09 – Can I add presenters without a Gmail.com address?
05:55 – Is WebinarJam HD a new product?
08:48 – How does the Request to Speak feature work?
18:14 – What does a Screenshare look like?
19:13 – How do I annotate my screenshare while I am live?
21:25 – Tech: Does registerting someone via the API drop a cookie to track them?
24:00 – How can I find a good microphone?
30:34 – How do I customize templates in EverWebinar?
46:00 – How do I integrate Everwebinar with Clickfunnels?
1:00:00 – How can affiliates get a commission for promoting my webinar?
1:10:36 – How do I use the Cameraman app?

September 27, 2016

03:49 – Can we link to the registration popup directly?
08:00 – Is is better to have two Webinars instead of one longer one?
15:12 – Should I use SMTP to send notifications instead of your built-in server?
18:03 – Can each session in a series have a different title and description?
19:17 – Is there a Spanish translation of the intro video?
19:46 – Do all Google Hangouts Apps work with Webinar Jam?
24:35 – Are the weekly Q&A sessions replayed using the Everwebinar platform?
25:14 – Does Webinar Jam automatically show the replay on the registration page after the webinar?
31:26 – How can I disable the replay for my webinar?
33:03 – How can attendee questions be answered on a pre-recorded webinar?
36:00 – Can I limit the replay to people I invite? Can I use it for future webinars?
40:25 – Should I use WebinarJam or EverWebinar?
43:03 – How do I get your presentation in full screen?
45:19 – How can my presenters appear at the bottom of the webinar?
47:18 – Does the Webinar Jam replay record and display the chat too?
48:14 – How can I keep my recordings private on Youtube but still have them work with the replay?
54:11 – What do I do if my video injections don’t work?
58:37 – Should I use a count down timer for offers on an Everwebinar?

September 20, 2016

09:52 – Is it possible show more than one offer at a time?
12:40 – When will Kartra be launched?
13:56 – Do you have any updates on on the WebinarJam HD or the non-Hangouts version?
14:43 – What do I do if my video injection doesn’t load?
18:24 – Can attendees request to speak through their mobile phone?
20:42 – Why does my screenshare show a black screen?
23:20 – Why do I have unique visitors in analytics after the webinar is over?
24:40 – How can I combine video and Powerpoint in a webinar?
36:42 – How does the Hangouts move to Youtube Live affect presenters and webinars?
30:00 – Can I embed a webinar on my own page? Is that recommended?
32:50 – Can I change email notifications after a webinar has gone live?
35:57 – What do I do if I have audio lag or sync issues?
40:35 – Can I have more than 10 presenters?
44:29 – Can I run a poll with multiple answers?
45:34 – When and how is the poll displayed?
48:27 – Do you have a video for attendees about how to join the webinar?

September 13, 2016

01:00 – How can I submit a feature request? Can we send name and email data when someone purchases an offer?
04:33 – How do I resolve issues with files that are not showing up on screenshare?
08:59 – Insights into new version of WebinarJam and Everwebinar
14:07 – Will there be a charge for the non-hangout version of Webinar Jam?
20:23 – How can I do a survey?
26:04 – How does Everwebinar compare to Easywebinar?

September 6, 2016

03:48 – How to pre-record a presentation and show it seamlessly during the live webinar?
09:11 – Do you have recommendations on camera and audio best practices?
15:43 – How can I use multiple cameras?
23:44 – What do I do if I have issues with Post Webinar Email Notifications?
27:34 – How do I set up and display an offer??
31:15 – How do I resolve or reset a messed up registration page split test?
37:52 – Can we watch the live stream and chat at the same time on an iPhone?
39:11 – How do I Webinar jam and Everwebinar for monthly presentations?
42:41 – How do I set up a series of presentations on Everwebinar?

August 30, 2016

03:52 – How does Hangouts new interface affect Webinar Jam?
05:23 – Can Youtube improve my fuzzy/blurry video?
09:09 – Do all of my clients need their own Webinar Jam and Everwebinar account?
13:54 – When should I consider using two computers when you are running a webinar?
18:51 – Are tracking pixels for registration and thank you pages in the works?
22:17 – Can I use EventBrite with WebinarJam?
23:55 – How can I stop people from clicking on the Youtube icon and getting my video?
26:07 – Can I change the webinar time after my email notifications go out?
30:29 – How can I edit the email notifications?
36:05 – Can an attendee make the chat box bigger on their end?
47:18 – What happens if people watch my webinar on Youtube instead of via the replay link?
51:09 – Should I have webinars every hour or ever 30 minutes on Everwebinar?
54:33 – Can I login to my client’s account to help them set up their webinar?
56:57 – Will the new Hangouts interface remove the delay on live webinars?
58:36 – Are there any “best practices” training for Webinar Jam Studio and Ever Webinar?
1:00:58 – When will the Everwebinar Renewal notices go out for customers who bought Everwebinar before?
1:04:22 – Can I only add 10 days and times in Everwebinar?

August 23, 2016

02:13 – What is the recommended hardware for running webinars?
07:45 – How can I get a list of registrants? How do I add people to my webinar manually?
14:20 – How to resolve audio loop problem? Is it possible to re-start a live event?
15:57 – What are some great ways to use the thank you page survey?
20:38 – Can I add attendees manually or with a CSV file?
23:50 – What is the best time for running a Webinar in Australia?
29:22 – What size does my background image for the registration page need to be?
42:48 – What do I do if my Adsense account is not approved?
48:48 – Can co-presenters use a mobile device to present on the webinar? Can polls be seen by mobile users?

August 16, 2016

08:14 – What is the status of Kartra?
13:04 – How do the new Live Streaming Changes made by Youtube affect Webinar Jam?
16:09 – How do I show my Powerpoint presentation full screen?
17:30 – How does Kartra pricing work?
21:03 – How can I do a PIP (picture-in-picture) webinar?
24:57 – Can I hire someone to help me with my webinars?
27:52 – How many presenters can I have on a webinar?
29:39 – How do I tackle problems during screensharing?

August 09, 2016

02:44 – Recent YouTube Changes that affect your Webinar Jam experience
16:50 – When will the Non-Hangout version of WebinarJam be released?
21:31 – How can I create and link my own registration with WebinarJam?
26:16 – How do I integrate my autoresponder? Do you integrate with Salesforce or Pardo?
29:44 – How can I build my business using webinars without selling anything?
37:08 – Can I manually register people to my webinar?
40:55 – Where can I see all my registrant name and emails in my account?
54:16 – Why does the video injection cut me off in the beginning or the end?

August 2, 2016

03:26 – Can I make the phone field optional?
05:40 – Can I use a custom thank you page?
07:30 – How can I replace the video on an existing Everwebinar, and make the chat match with the new video?
10:10 – What is the benefit of using Clickfunnels or other page builders with Webinar Jam?
12:58 – Should you advertise the length of your webinar on the registration page or only let them know when they attend?
16:44 – What are the top things to check when having video and audio issues on the webinar?
19:59 – Is there a version of the waiting room video that doesn’t talk about home internet?
21:03 – Why does my replay grainy right after the webinar but gets better hours later?
25:15 – How do I run a series of webinars using Everwebinar and Webinar Jam?
26:36 – What can I do if the owner of the webinar loses their internet connection during the webinar?
30:51 – When is Webinar Jam HD coming out?
34:97 – How do I get started with Webinar Jam?
35:29 – Can I hide the scrub / seek bar when people attend the webinar on their phones?
40:47 – What do I do if the video is out of sync with the audio?
42:44 – Is is possible to do webinars without Google Hangouts?

July 26, 2016

06:14 – How can I schedule a webinar, and can I change date of the webinar?
06:27 – Are the Q&A sessions recorded?
09:59 – How do I capture lead sources for webinar registration for paid webinars?
11:12 – How can I go from live feed to YouTube videos and back?
14:26 – How can I find the traffic source my registrants came from?
16:15 – What’s the maximum length of the video that I can inject?
16:45 – What video format and resolution is recommended?
17:58 – How can I integrate Google Analytics with Webinar Jam?
20:34 – What is the best headset to be used for a webinar?
23:30 – How do I integrate existing YouTube videos and Google+ accounts in WebinarJam?
24:48 – How do I build a webinal funnel using Robert Cialdini’s 6 Laws of Persuasion?
43:58 – How can I look great on the camera?
47:38 – How does EverWebinar connect with WebinarJam?
52:20 – Can I answer attendee questions during an Everwebinar?
55:55 – How do I make videos for my webinars?
56:54 – What kind of internet bandwidth does Webinar Jam need?
57:20 – How can I integrate WebinarJam with my WordPress site using OptimizePress?

July 19, 2016

01:54 – Why does my Everwebinar say that no schedule is configured?
05:57 – How can I share my screen on Webinar Jam?
12:15 – Can I use Webinar Jam without Youtube and Google Hangouts?
16:09 – Where can I find poll data for my Everwebinar?
17:26 – How can I do webinars with co-presenters?
18:49 – Should I use a Control Panel link?
20:30 – How does the Control Panel work?
28:25 – How do I “freeze” the screen on one presenter?
31:09 – Is it recommended to say that Everwebinar is live?
35:30 – Should I charge for a webinar?
38:55 – What if I use the Live Room link instead of the Test Your Webinar link?
41:12 – Can I send an email to all of my attendees across webinars?
42:40 – How do I send an email to my attendees manually?
44:44 – What’s the pros and cons of having multiple monitors?
47:32 – How can I use video injections?
52:41 – How can I stop the Hangout from being posted to Google+ and keep my video Unlisted?
55:00 – How can I share a software window that I am trying to demo?
59:67 – Can you talk after starting a video injection during the delay?
01:01:02 – Why do video injections not show up on Youtube?

July 12, 2016

07:11 – How many email notifications can I send?
07:30 – How can I get more attendees on my webinar?
17:30 – Where can I find the Q&A replays?
20:10 – How do I make sure only people who pay can join my webinar?
22:24 – What shopping cart software can I use with Webinar Jam?
24:40 – Should I have a countdown timer / scarcity?
27:38 – Do you have a special offer for Everwebinar for WJS customers?
30:32 – What is the differen between Everwebinar & Webinar Jam Studio?
32:38 – How do you handle chat on Everwebinar?

July 5, 2016

01:00 – What are some of the new UI changes?
05:12 – When is the delay during broadcast going to be removed?
06:32 – How to use the delay to your advantage
08:50 – Can Gmail not be used as my presenter email?
09:57 – How can I use the “checklist” video from your countdown page?
12:11 – How can I set up a recurring webinar for a 6-week course?
15:11 – How can I track referrers and pay them commissions?
16:45 – Can I charge different prices based on my lead sources?
20:45 – Why does the window I want share not appear in the screenshare pop-up?
22:03 – What are your top 3 tips when it comes to marketing?
28:18 – Is it possible for people to pay for each webinar in the series separately?
29:41 – Can I set up a series at once, or do I have to set each session individually?
30:17 – Can I integrate with Constant Contact?
32:00 – How does the Webinar Jam On Demand directory work?
36:00 – Can I do partnership webinars with other product creators?
36:52 – How do I set up a paid membership site?
40:45 – What do I do if I have technical difficulties?
44:46 – Do you have chat support?
48:10 – How do I use the Knowledgebase?
51:32 – Where can I find the replays of the Q&A Tuesday webinars?
59:39 – Will the non-Hangouts version have an additional cost?
01:00:26 – What’s a good time to do a webinar?

June 28, 2016

01:40 – What is DMARC, and how does it affect Email Notifications?
05:52 – How do I broadcast a question or message to all my attendees?
06:45 – How can I do a test webinar to get comfortable with the interface?
08:27 – Where can I find the video training?
10:27 – When would the non-Hangout version of WJS be available?
15:09 – What’s the difference between polls and surveys?
18:45 – How can I share a Powerpoint with my attendees?
26:29 – Do I share the HTML Export or just my screen?
32:08 – Does Webinar Jam work with SalesForce?
38:28 – How to resize windows to make them readable while sharing
39:15 – What tags are available for tagging people inside Infusionsoft?
43:50 – Can I use my account to host webinar for my clients?
45:40 – Can my full webinar be a pre-recorded video?
53:18 – Can attendees hear me when I enter the room or when I start the broadcast?
55:20 – How do I handle chat and questions & answers on an Everwebinar?
57:49 – How can I use webinars to save time with my product demos?
01:01:45 – What do I do if I get disconnected during a webinar?
01:08:00 – Is there a delay with Webinar Jam?

June 21, 2016

03:16 – How to optimize your available bandwidth for your webinar
05:08 – Company Update: the status of Webinar Jam HD and RT (Real Time)
10:46 – Why does my webinar say it’s expired?
12:18 – How do I use my autoresponder instead of the in-built email system?
15:36 – How can I hide the chat and attendees from other attendees?
21:22 – How do I customize my landing pages?
23:40 – How do I optimize a presentation for my webinar?
28:18 – How do I find the video recording on my Youtube channel?
31:50 – Will Webinar Jam HD / RT work with Everwebinar?
36:16 – Should I charge attendees for my webinar?
41:20 – Are pre-recorded videos included when I convert my webinar into Everwebinar?
42:32 – Should I display my offer before the end of the webinar?
47:08 – Is there a separate upgrade for the new versions of Webinar Jam?
48:50 – How many people would be able to watch a webinar when the new version comes out?

June 14, 2016

01:40 – What does the Test Your Webinar button do?
05:10 – How does pinning work?
07:32 – Can I still use Tropo for SMS with Webinar Jam?
09:30 – What kind of microphone and camera setup should I use?
14:00 – Do I need a separate Google and Youtube account for my webinars?
17:18 – What kind of internet connection do I need?
20:28 – What happens if your connection drops during the webinar?
23:02 – How can I have a moderator run the slideshow?
28:06 – Do attendees automatically get a link to the replay?
32:40 – Can you redirect an Everwebinar replay to a URL of your choice?

June 7, 2016

01:17 – Industry Update: DMARC and how it affects your choice of Sender address for your notifications
04:29 – Where to find the help you need for your Webinars- The WebinarJam/EverWebinar Concierge service
10:30 – Thank You Page surveys: the most under-used, powerful feature of Webinar Jam
17:23 – Where can I download my survey results?
18:50 – Does the replay link change for each webinar session?
20:08 – Is the thank you page emailed to the registrants?
20:39 – Why aren’t my paid attendees showing up in webinar analytics?
25:32 – What’s the difference between a Live and a Test webinar?
29:10 – Why don’t some of my attendees see Video Injections?
31:29 – Do participants and attendees need a Google address to join the webinar?
32:05 – How can I stop notifications from going out for a cancelled webinar?
33:20 – Does the survey work the same way for Everwebinar as it does for Webinar Jam?
35:20 – Does a video on the registration page make a big difference?



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