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WebinarJam's Analytics Shows Real Time Webinar Data (PRNewsFoto/Genesis Digital LLC)

Not content to rest on their 30,000 subscriber laurels, Genesis Digital LLC, makers of the SaaS dynamo WebinarJam, have pushed the envelope yet again on their World Class webinar solution, slashing the streaming delay from Presenter to Audience by a full 66%.

“When Google announced they’d be discontinuing the Hangouts on Air platform on September 12th, we were already prepared with a completely seamless cutover to YouTube Live we’d had idling for such a contingency,” COO Gideon Marcus explained. “With that work already done, we figured ‘Hey, this is kismet! The rest of the industry is scrambling to prepare, we’re already ready. Let’s use this transition to optimize our streaming and video injection.’”

The team at Genesis Digital has long prided themselves on the video injection feature of WebinarJam as a major differentiator missing in competitor Citrix’s older GoToWebinar software.

WebinarJam users enjoy the ability to switch seamlessly between a live sharing of their webcam, desktop, or presentation slides and a pre-recorded polished video that streams beautifully to each attendee.

You can view the complete release at New York Business Journal

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